wDust and Fundamentalists
"If you sit down and think about it sensibly, you come up with some very funny ideas."
--Good Omens
wThree-Minute Tour (The Webmaestra)
Name: Jill
Quest: forty-two
Favorite Color: purple, blue, some shades of green, silver, black
Known Aliases: Cimorene, Trillian, Tracy, Miss Hollow
Birthday: 2nd October (temps are now, license... eventually)
Age: 17
Last In-Theater Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean
imood: We (circle one: are/are not) amused.

wAnd Consequently of the Archiviatura:

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13 November 2K3

Blog is attempting to be a no-show again; can't be having with that. (If only because I check all my links from here.)
Life goes on...
music: "Celebrity" - BNL

"Now, if you've got an upside-down circle, then you're in trouble." -- 4:03 PM