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"If you sit down and think about it sensibly, you come up with some very funny ideas."
--Good Omens
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Name: Jill
Quest: forty-two
Favorite Color: purple, blue, some shades of green, silver, black
Known Aliases: Cimorene, Trillian, Tracy, Miss Hollow
Birthday: 2nd October (temps are now, license... eventually)
Age: 17
Last In-Theater Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean
imood: We (circle one: are/are not) amused.

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12 September 2K3

I'm apparently the only person in my computer class (there're nine of us) with a proper blog, though everyone else is now quite enamored of the concept. So, this thing might be making a comeback if we wind up using the wossnames for classes. (Or else I'll set up a third one for the five millionth time - good job you don't need codes here.)
The Good Omens RPG has died down a bit in recent times, but that's all right because now I've got Discworld RPage! It started for a larke, as is fitting for the fandom in question, and the closest we've gotten to organization is an OOC community, for the sake for staying organized. We're up to eighteen people now (some of whom aren't posting yet/regularly, but that's all right). It's also the source of the latest nickname in my mini-bio list.
And my new favorite web abbreviation: IALVATJ. (I am laughing verbally at this joke.)
Cleaned up the links whilst I was here as well. They needed it due to domain expirations and suchlike.
music: "Mary and the Holy Ghost" - Todd Rundgren

"Now, if you've got an upside-down circle, then you're in trouble." -- 11:45 PM