wDust and Fundamentalists
"If you sit down and think about it sensibly, you come up with some very funny ideas."
--Good Omens
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Name: Jill
Quest: forty-two
Favorite Color: purple, blue, some shades of green, silver, black
Known Aliases: Cimorene, Trillian, Tracy, Miss Hollow
Birthday: 2nd October (temps are now, license... eventually)
Age: 17
Last In-Theater Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean
imood: We (circle one: are/are not) amused.

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20 February 2K3

Blog would do well to show up during technical Internet exile time. (Full story at LJ.) I can't go fixing this all the time.
music: basketball game radio broadcast

"Now, if you've got an upside-down circle, then you're in trouble." -- 9:38 PM



8 February 2K3

Yes, I know. Been a while, for here at any rate.
Finished LotR (five million appendices notwithstanding) on Wednesday. Random thoughts may be found at the LJ. And believe me, there are some to be had. Mostly on the subject of Eowyn or Mount Doom.
Joined a Good Omens RPG, not to mention started a community of the fannish sort of my own. If you want to see the RPG character-specific LJ, that'd be here.
So, that's what I've been up to, in a nutshell.
no music - random TV noises

"Now, if you've got an upside-down circle, then you're in trouble." -- 11:44 PM